The Election of a Divided People

America is hurting.

Soon America will be voting.

The mood is pensive and negative and just gets worse until November 9th.

America’s mood is typical of a divided people, given the state of the 2016 election. Everyone knew the election would be contentious because competition among Republican candidates was so contentious.

But no one predicted extraordinary excitement that has captivated a substantial portion of America. As a television star the Republican candidate has had the ability attract all of the attention. Like him or not, his positions resonate. The interaction of these positions and their advocates is problematic but not yet.

This candidate has a solid 40% of the US population. Most of them are aware that you will need more than 40% to win the election.

No matter. This election has made it clear that there is a large percentage of Americans who are not satisfied with the current state of affairs and especially since 2009.  Some of them are violent, angry, passionate, and focused people who feel justified in taking their country back.

As we get closer to the time that the votes are counted and the winners declared, we must consider the Post-Election Reactions. Will these disaffected and disenchanted voters become violent?

Post-Election Reactions

Now is the time for all Americans to come together and celebrated our shared values, achievements, and challenges by working together to make a better country. Now is the time to show your support for your country, as the people of Turkey responded to an attempted coup.

The people, the electorate, those who take the time and effort to vote decide who wins. No other way of disposing of leaders is acceptable under the law. No other way is American.

I predict that America will do just fine on November 9th and beyond. We have had an opportunity to think about and to think about and have an option about the major issues facing America.

And despite the talk from one candidate about a “rigged (unfair) election” America will vote based on the US Constitution and everyone will support this because this is America. One group that will not permit ignoring the US Constitution is our military veterans.